So, who exactly is the idiot with a sewing needle?


That would be a short, mostly quiet, kind of crazy girl going by the name of Korva’zor. Why Korva’zor? Because it sounded cool at the time.


When not entrenched in a kitchen cooking up various foods, both savory and sweet, Korva’zor spends her time drawing, reading, and playing way too much World of Warcraft. Recently, when beset by an overwhelming amount of free time thanks to working an internship, she needed to find something else besides WoW to take up her time. After seeing How To Train Your Dragon, she became smitten with the adorable nightfury Toothless, and as with anything she loves, she wanted a plushie of him. Unfortunately she could not afford one of the official ones, not to mention they look pretty terrible to boot, and was quite sad for a short while till she stumbled upon a post on DeviantArt. One lovely person made a tutorial, complete with patterns, on how to make your very own Toothless plushie. After reading it Korva’zor decided she needed to make herself one.


Though there was a slight problem. Korva’zor can’t sew. Buttons frustrate her, and hemming is only done with the iron-on stuff, which she considers cheating but does anyways. Her few attempts at patching rips or holes were disastrous, and has even managed to sew something to her hand, quite unintentionally. So what business does someone this bad at sewing have trying to make a plushie? Or trying to do anything with a needle and thread at all? Well, this is where this blog comes in, to catalog her failures (which will be many) and her accomplishments (which will be few), and see if maybe, juuuust maybe, she’ll end up making herself a Toothless plushie.


So here begins the story of a girl who is about to have very sore fingers, but won’t let that deter her. Pulling sugar taught her that, and it hurt lots. What can a few needle pricks be to holding 300+ degree molten sugar? We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?





Korva’zor, also known as Karin, is a pastry chef with too much time on her hands at the moment. She attends Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC, studying Foodservice Management. She has completed her Associates in Science degree in Culinary Arts in the Spring of 2010, and is finishing her Associates in Baking and Pastry Arts. She works as a cake decorator and supervisor for the food and beverage department at the Carowinds amusement park on the North Carolina-South Carolina border. She loves bunnies and plushies, but especially bunnies.


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