Round 1: FIGHT!

March 9, 2011

So I actually did clean my room up today. Still need to organize my desk/dresser/table, but, uh, maybe later. Yeah, later…

With that done, I wanted to perhaps start on my Toothless plushie, but I was quite distracted by Minecraft for half the day. And then I was distracted by Wow (big surprise there, I know), and before I knew it, it was 10pm. Damn. So, my day mostly gone, I figured it best not to start on Toothless yet, Thursday maybe. I did, however, have a slightly better idea!


I have these super-awesome-fuzzy penguin pajama pants that had some ripped seams, so I decided why not I try to fix them. Better to begin on something that I can’t really screw up (much) and should be pretty simple. And it’ll give me some practice leaning to backstitch, which I guess would be good to use to fix seams? Uh, either way that’s what I did, or rather, attempted to do.

So, I found out that 1. I couldn’t see my stitches through all the fuzzy and 2. I can’t do anything in a straight line. But look! No more hole! Yay!

I also made a cherry clafoutis today. It was a bit…. soggier than intended, but it tastes good. I’ve no idea why I even like it, the batter is dense and rubbery almost, but… I just don’t know. And there’s my knife kit! I took everything out, the bag is in terrible shape, and I’ve no idea how to clean it. I also need to go back and clean everything really well… some idiot shoved some of my stuff back in my kit without cleaning it, especially some of my ring cutters. They’re all greasy and sticky and the tin is starting to rust a bit… good thing I caught it now so I can sand it clean before the rings get rusty too.


Overall for today: Success!


It’s a start

March 7, 2011

Since I know I have absolutely no idea at all what I am doing, I went and bought myself something today. I got the Sewing For Dummies book. Because hey, the first part of fixing a problem is to first figure it out, and the second part is to actually do something about it. So, armed with my new book and the day off tomorrow, I might get somewhere!

…That somewhere may not be where I intended to go, but hey somewhere is better than nowhere.


Though, first things first: spring cleaning. I’ve been putting it off a bit…

Problem #1

March 5, 2011

Ok, I haven’t even started yet. Everything is still in the store bag. And I’ve already come across my first problem.


So, I was reading through all the tutorial instructions earlier, and I read something. I have to backstitch the head and wings onto the body. Great, cool, sure, but, uh… what the hell is a backstitch?


Yeah. This is going to be quite the adventure. Google, you’re my best friend. You deserve cookies… internet cookies? o_o.

What is this?

March 4, 2011

The title should explain everything, really.

So, classes are done till Fall (internship doesn’t count, yet at least), and that means that instead of killing my time with school and supplementing the rest with work, I’m just working for the time being. And this gives me more free time than I’ve had in like, months. This is both good and bad. Good, because who doesn’t like free time? More sleep, more dorking about, etc etc. Bad, because I still play World of Warcraft and it threatens to eat every little bit of my time. Stupid game. Stupid drive to play more. Blah.

Well, this is where my grand idea comes in. I’m going to make me a plushie. Not just any plush, but a Toothless plushie. Why? because he’s that damn cute. I’ve got a tutorial with patterns from here, so I’m all set to go!

Yeah, right.

We’re talking about me, Korva’zor, here. I can’t even hem my own pants without that iron-on stuff, and I can’t even do that well. So, this will be something of a challenge. But I have to try, I just haaaave to try. Toothless is too cute not too.

Anyways, I’ll be posting updates on it, so you can marvel at my accomplishments and laugh at the inevitable failures. I know will be.

Also, I miiiiight post some other things. Key word: might. No promises.

For now: sleep.